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Vehicles, fuels and associated technologies can be described in unfamiliar or complex terms. The following pages help South Australia's Low Emission Vehicle Strategy (SALEVS) stakeholders and the general public to understand some of these technical definitions.

Glossary of Acronyms

SALEVS makes use of the many abbreviated terms in this burgeoning sector. The glossary reveals what these acronyms stand for.

Tyre Codes

Learn how to interpret Tyre Codes, as written on the sides of tyres, and compare suitability. 

Test Drive Cycles

Test drive cycles are prescribed procedures that allow for all vehicles in our market to have their emissions evaluated under identical engine operating conditions. There are different tests for diesel and petrol engine vehicles, as reflected in the Australian Design Rules.    


Vehicles run on fuel which is converted into energy. Gain an understanding of the metrics SALEVS uses to measure the various fuels and their qualities e.g. greenhouse gas emissions.