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Offsetting Emissions

Offsetting emissions

Offsetting emissions is the practice of reducing emissions from personal or business related activities, without actually doing anything in-house; sometimes referred to as carbon abatement. There is an active carbon offset industry in Australia that caters for the demand of businesses and individuals who are limited in their ability to reduce emissions in-house; that is implement practices and measures in their own home or business to reduce emissions.

Offsetting emissions requires carbon offsets - or units (kg or T) of emissions abatement - to be purchased from businesses that are accredited to undertake activities which reduce emissions, including planting trees, generating renewable energy, and reducing methane emissions from waste plants.

If you would like to reduce your personal or organisation's transport emissions, but discover you are limited in what you can do due to your particular circumstances, offsetting your emissions may be a viable option. You can ensure that the carbon offsets you purchase are 'real' and verified by the Australian Government by selecting those which meet the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Look at the following sites for information on how to purchase carbon offsets for your own circumstances:

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