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Low emission vehicles (often classified as emitting less than 120g CO2-e/km) have relatively low greenhouse gas and air toxic emissions compared with conventional vehicles, and can limit the amount of these pollutants and their harmful effects on human health, the environment and the climate. They include a range of types, including electric, hybrid and alternative fuel cars.

You can find information about these vehicles on the Australian Goverment's Green Vehicle Guide website, which rates new Australian vehicles based on their fuel economy and greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions.
South Australia is committed to reducing our total greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent (to 40 per cent of 1990 levels) by 2050 (South Australia's Strategic Plan). To help achieve this, the state government has developed South Australia’s Low Emission Vehicle Strategy to increase the proportion of these vehicles on the state’s roads. It is designed to prepare South Australian business and the community for a smooth transition to low emission vehicle technologies.

The Strategy identifies ways to remove or reduce barriers to these vehicles and accelerate their uptake by South Australians.

The South Australian Government also supports Travel Behaviour Change to encourage safer, greener, more active travel.  

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